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About us

We are a husband and wife team who love riding our touring bike and travel.  I, Russ, am a Commercial Pilot and retired motorcycle Police Officer.  We first used Dual Polymer Waterless Cleaner and Polish on our Harley Davidson, as a plastic and acrylic windshield cleaner, then later on our aircraft windshields and paint.  This kept them very slick and made the bugs and dirt easier to remove.  Now the bike and all of our aircraft are completely cleaned and protected with DP Waterless Cleaner and Polish to make them much easier to keep clean and protected as well as looking professional.

We starting using a Rampage Power Lift  in 2006 after deciding we love to travel with our camper as well as riding our bike to beautiful places.  It makes loading it much easier and safer.  Each time it's loaded or unloaded it draws a crowd of amazed, and possible customers.


This led us to seek out distributorships for both products to combine our love of camping and riding as well as making travel and meeting new friends much more fun.

See the full line of Dual Polymer products on our website links.  Be sure to use our Discount Code: Avimoto 

Sales from 20% to 40%  off of you entire order and most times shipping is FREE!

Check out and LIKE our Facebook page at: 

for demos and our vendor sales appearances.

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